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Last day in Turku – 17th April 2009

Our last day in Turku was dedicated to a trip to the island Ruissalo. Peter took us to the archipelago near the city in Hannah’s Volvo. On the way we stopped at a wooden tower to enjoy the view and get an overview of the area. We saw the nearby city, industry, sports halls and the shipyard where the biggest ships in the world are built. Aurelia let her silk pieces be carried off the high tower by the wind. Afterwards she picked them all up again under the close scrutiny of Peter, who is a conservationist.

Afterwards we took a walk through the forest and along the beach to the end of the headland. We were fascinated by the variety of stone shapes and colors. Peter, a geologist, explained how the rocks and the landscape were shaped during the ice age. Inge found a wonderful spot for the 5th part of her project “Erden” at the tip of the headland. There was a cold wind that gave us the feeling of nearby snow in spite of the sunshine.

Then Peter showed us around Turku’s exclusive residential area with the beautiful old wooden houses. We had a snack at the café-pavilion “Eckenäs“ and enjoyed looking at the colorful liverleafs coming out of the brown foliage.

We went to the city and met Mona to discuss our project. On the way to the museum we got distracted by the colorful market on the banks of the Aura river. This market happens only twice a year, when all kinds of regional products and artefacts are on display. Dark bread, buckthorn jam, dried forest berries, juices, mushrooms, pickles, smoked fish – our eyes couldn’t get enough.

With some delay we made it to the museum and visited some of the exquisite designer shops. Afterwards we had a nice good-bye dinner with our friends.

We are very grateful to the hospitality and support for our project to: Reino, Peter, Kim, Hannah, Nina, Antony, Mona, and Raine and Camilla from Helsinki.
Reino was extremely helpful throughout the entire week and provided the space in the Gallery Titanik for our presentation.

Aurelia, Erika, Ingeborg, Luise

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