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The Project

Lichtwechsel (change of light) – travel art project 1
Footprints of European culture on the way to Turku
via Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki

A travel art project with 5 members of the Gruppe 77, Graz
Time: 4th – 18th April 2009

Traveling artists:
Luise Kloos
Erika Lojen
Aurelia Meinhart
Ingeborg Pock

Heribert Michl accompanies the travelers virtually from Graz.

The occasion for the Gruppe 77, Graz, to organize the travel art project “Lichtwechsel – footprints of European culture” was an invitation for an exhibition in connection with the cultural capital of Europe 2011 in Turku. The route will take the travelers via Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki to Turku.

Project scope
15 days of travel for 5 persons, documentation, project development, preparation for the exhibition in Turku in 2011, catalogue and blog

Contents of the travel art project
In the different stations along the route the traveling artists will meet with local artists to engage in an intercultural dialogue.
The search for cultural footprints will be done in different ways, according to the artists individual work methods. The starting point will be the themes of darkness and light, the geographic position of Graz and Turku, and the mystical realms of the different cultures in literature, fine art and history. Moreover we are interested in similarities and differences in political and social situations throughout history and their influences on the contemporary art scene in the Baltic countries.
Slowly we approach Turku, a city coming out of the darkness of winter during the first phase of our travel art project. During our journey we will explore the different cultural traditions of the countries we pass through and learn how they experience and celebrate the different cycles of light and darkness.
The change of light – Lichtwechsel – from south to north will accompany us to Turku. We build networks, learn about every day life in the different places, observe, document, write and work.
The documentation will be in words, photos, drawings, outlines and three-dimensional creations. We will make note of the physical and social conditions as well as comparisons as a starting point for our work.

Travel art project 1 will be documented in the form of a catalogue and a blog (

Travel art project 2 will result in an exhibition in Turku in 2011