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LICHTWECHSEL „Shadows of darkness”

By Erika Lojen

Phase 1: travel project
5 x Gruppe 77

Luise Kloos
Erika Lojen
Aurelia Meinhart
Heribert Michl
Ingeborg Pock

Time: 4.04.2009 – 17.04.2009

Each one of us carries her own views on darkness and light on this journey.
We choose the course as a possible line of the change of light along our way, a geographic vector.
Along this line lie the cities of Graz, Vienna, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki and Turku – places for tracing the light, also in the sense of intercultural encounter.

My personal topic is the work with photo material (since 2003):
“It is the light that I seek” (also see the text by Eugène Ionesco “Why I write”) and my personal view – light in its actual physical form, as well as light in a higher metaphysical sense, which transcends our boundaries. I want to catch and arrange the light of the different places along our journey, the change of light, as well as the light of Turku, as a personal description of a path. I want to make this light encounter the shadows of darkness.

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