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Tallinn – Reval

After breakfast and the work for our website we take a taxi from the hotel to KUMU, the Estonian art museum.

The building is tastefully integrated into the hilly area directly next to the presidential palace. It is laid out as a segment of a circle and impresses by its clarity and the choice of materials.

Inge performs the third part of her project “Erden” in front of the building while Aurelia, Erika and Luise document the event.

We visit the collections of Estonian artists from the 19th and 20th century along with an exhibition called: “The difficult choice – 1920 – 1970”. From the artistic work we can see how difficult the time during communism was for the artists. A special exhibition of the self-portrait and a contemporary exhibition by Estonian video artists build the bridge to the present.
This KUMU gives the Estonian artists their rightful position and representation in the international art scene.

We have covered around 500 km from Vilnius to Riga and 300 km from Riga to Tallinn by bus, mostly on country roads. Each city has its very own cultural identity. In Vilnius a woman talks about those differences in a very descriptive fashion: “In Tallinn people think that in Riga everybody celebrates and in Vilnius everybody works.”

Photos of Tallinn
Photos of Tallinn – Part 2